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I guess some people are just born with tragedy in their bloods.
—Donnie Darko (2001)




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the morning it blooms

the morning it blooms

You’re not learning chinese to admire it’s art.

Friend just crushed me. The actual realization to let go of my wanting to continue on traditional chinese to simplied instead. :’( Cries

thoughts in my asploding mind

point 1 
A lot of times when I’m being asked what’s my favorite movies, music, activities and et cetera, the answers usually tied together along with my childhood memories. Funny, that’s all that I can think about, all the things from the past that seems to linger itself into the present. Why is it that these things are things I considered “favorite”? I have thought about it today, and my opinions are of course personal. But, when I do think about it, those days were the happiest of my life. Those days were the times when everything seems so pure in emotions and gestures.The images and recollections in slices of events may not bridge together as a perfect piece, but the raw feelings still exist within us. and all we can feel is now is joy, happiness, reunited in ourselves. Nightmare before Christmas and the Sound of Music reminds me of Miss Melody’s second grade music class, in a dark cozy carpet room where the tv becomes alive. Biology, grade 9 with Miss Monica, watching Gattaca, and falling in love with Jerome or Jude Law for his eyes and sacrifices, after learning about DNA. Because, it perhaps is not only about the movies, but also the context - the people and the environment, you shared memories with that made the movie even more special…
Isn’t it ironic though, in my case, when movies are supposed to primarily submerged ourselves into the story. Yet context is still so important lol. Well this applies to some cases and not all.. hmm

point 2
It can stop us from pursuing many things we want to do.
Yet, we shouldn’t put ourselves in a safe position should we?
What a boring life that will lead.
or what a silly life will it not lead?
What benefits us more?
What risks are you willing to make?
What opportunity are you ready to lose?
Is it all worth it? 
How ready are you?
How productive are you?
How much passion do you have?
Will you have the money to do it?
Are you possibly thinking too much?!

point 3
shit load of things